रोफ़ेस्सिओनल फ्लिघ्त ट्रेनिंग इन कनाडा


Flight training in Canada is already a very cost effective alternative to learning in your own country. And because of our location in Canada’s Peace Region we have the best flying weather in Canada. Rarely grounded by the weather, you can make excellent quick progress to your goal.

Our instructors are dedicated professionals who have passed a rigorous screening process before being hired and our staff retention rate is second to none. At Adventure Aviation we do not hire instructors simply because they took their training with us.

Our facilities are close to the city of Grande Prairie, Alberta. A vibrant place with over 52,000 residents and a service area of approximately 250,000 people, it has all the amenities of a big city while maintaining its small town hospitality. With good public transport you will not need your own vehicle. We’ll pick you up from the airport and assist in all of your living needs. Even though your accommodations are absolutely free, you will not be sharing your beautifully appointed bedroom with other students. Only the living room, kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Adventure Aviation has a high completion rate. Many of our grads are flying for regional, national, and international carriers. To ensure your success we will help you get ESL (English Second Language) training if required.

Here is the basic process:

If you plan on completing your training in less than 6 months you may only need to fulfill our school application process and can come to Canada as a visitor on the strength of your valid Passport. Some countries may also require a Visitor’s Visa. This list of countries can be found on the Citizen and Immigration Website located at www.cic.gc.ca . From certain countries, you may also need to obtain a medical.

If you have no previous flight training experience and wish to take the Professional Course, you will need to be here for at least nine months; perhaps up to a year, depending on your English proficiency. For that length of stay you may need to apply to the nearest Canadian Consulate for a Student Visa. There is a short questionnaire on the CIC site to determine if you are eligible to complete an online application for your Student Visa or if you must visit the Canadian Consulate in person. To obtain your Student Visa you will need to prove, to the consular official, that you have sufficient funds to complete the training and to return home upon completion. You will also need a letter from us. That letter will include the details and timeline of your training as well as your full name, date of birth, date of passport issue, country of passport issue, and the passport number. So, you first need to send us an email.

The very first step for you now is to send us an email requesting information and a current price list. After deciding we are the right school for you we will assist you by answering your questions regarding documentation, travel and being an aviation student at Adventure Aviation Inc.