Newsletter Summer 2011

From the Chief Flight Instructor’s Desk (Mike):

As usual, it has been a busy time since the last Newsletter with lots of new grads. See the alumni page for the new pilots and ratings that we are proud to have been part of. The other big news is the “graduation” of our Chief Flight Instructor, Ian Leach to a King Air 200 as a Medevac pilot for NorAlta. Ian came to us four years ago with the goal of becoming a Class 1 Aeroplane Instructor before moving on to the next step in his career ladder. Although we will miss him, his time with us is exactly what we hope for in all of our instructors: a bright, upwardly mobile employee is exactly what we try to hire in the first place. So we wish him all the best and I expect that it wouldn’t be very long before we will hear his name mentioned as part of a passenger PA - as crew for either WestJet or Air Canada. We welcome Sebastian Cabezas to the team. He is from Grande Prairie and fitting in very well. I am learning to use social media…hard to teach an old dog new tricks…so please visit our Adventure Aviation Facebook page or, as the digital media savvy say… tweet me @pilotexaminer at

From the Desk of one of our Recent Grads:

I recently completed my Multi-IFR rating with Adventure Aviation.  A certain amount of time was given to me from my current employer to complete this training, leaving me with a fairly tight schedule.  The staff at Adventure Aviation understood my needs and stepped up to the plate to help me out and get me on my way.  The training was top notch.  Everyone was friendly and willing to lend a hand when needed.  Being a flight instructor myself allows me to know the difference between good and not-so-good training.  I was trained by Ian and Mike; who are both Class 1, experienced instructors.  They shared real-world operational knowledge with me that I will be able to use in the future.  All lessons were complete with informative briefings.  I could immediately see that the equipment was well maintained.  Their Twin Comanche (equipped with a Garmin 530, digital tachometers, digital fuel flow gauges and a few more appealing STC's) was a great platform to train on.  The airport at Grande Prairie itself allowed me to maximize each flight's training potential.  There was no excessive waiting on the ground (with the engines running) - or in the air for that matter.  The flow of air traffic is not as high as you would see at some other airports.  After the lessons, I was welcome to stay in the on-site complimentary accommodations.  The room I stayed in was fully furnished and very comfortable.  Overall, I would recommend Adventure Aviation to anyone looking to complete any sort of flight training.  If I had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing.  Thanks to everyone at Adventure Aviation!

- Randy Blackwell