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Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of aviation with Adventure Aviation’s prestigious flight training program. Whether you’re a novice yearning to earn your wings or an experienced pilot seeking to elevate your skills, our comprehensive and renowned program caters to all. By signing up, you’ll gain access to expert instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a fleet of well-maintained aircraft, ensuring you receive top-notch training in a safe and supportive environment. Adventure Aviation isn’t just a flight school; it’s a community of aviation enthusiasts who share your passion. So, secure your spot today, and let your aviation dreams take flight with us. Join the Adventure Aviation family and soar to new heights!


We hold the designation of a Learning Institute, enabling us to welcome International Students. Additionally, this designation permits students pursuing their Commercial License to be eligible for Student Loans.

Private pilot License (PPL)

The national average hours for the PPL is around 65 hours total.  Extra time occurs as each student learns at a different rate and has a different schedule.

Commercial Pilot License

The Commercial Pilot course hours also include a Night Endorsement. With this course, you could also complete your Multi-engine Rating and Instrument Rating at the same time for cost savings.


An excellent entry point for your flying endeavors. Designed for an individual to be able to take one friend along and enjoy some fair weather daytime flying.


Night Rating

Extend your flying day, especially for winter flying or use the Night Rating as a start to your commercial pilot course.

VFR Over-The-Top Rating

The Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Over-The-Top Rating will give you the option to fly over the clouds, as a scenic and safe alternate to low-level flying, to your destination.

Adventure Aviation

Instrument Rating

Whether honing your skills as a private pilot, or giving yourself a competitive edge in the job market, the Instrument Rating (IFR) is the perfect way to upgrade your skills and become a more proficient and safe pilot in adverse weather conditions.

Adventure Aviation

Instructor Rating

This entry-level position is a fast track to a career in aviation. The high standard we train to helps our students excel in their aviation career, wherever that ultimately takes them. Our Pilot Examiner is one of the few in Canada that can provide a flight test for this rating.

Adventure Aviation

Multi-engine Rating

This course can be taken as a stand-alone upgrade course. This is often done by our business owner students who are upgrading to bigger and/or more capable aircraft. This course can also be integrated into the Commercial Pilot Licence to allow career students to make the best use of their training dollars.

Discovery Flights

Still unsure about which course to take? Come to our location and meet our instructors. We provide an introduction to aviation, including an hour in the air to see the aircraft in action. Should you choose to take a course, your Discovery Flight time will be put towards your course hours! Contact us to set up a Discovery Flight time. 

International Students

Adventure Aviation offers all of its programs to both local and International students.  For International students there is a different application process.

The Application Process

    Completed application can be emailed to info@adventureaviation.ca or faxed to: 1-780-532-9661.  A $500.00 non-refundable fee is required in Canadian funds to process your application.  This amount will be applied to your tuition at the school once accepted.  Funds may be sent by credit card or wire transfer.  Please email info@adventureaviation.ca or call 780-539-6968 for more information on paying the fee.  Once the application has been received and approved, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued to assist you in obtaining your Student Visa Permit.
  2. Canadian Aviation Medical
    A Canadian Aviation Medical from a Doctor certified by Transport Canada will be required for all Canadian licenses and ratings.  A list of Doctors can be found on this site CLICK HERE
  3. Aviation Language Requirements
    All students will be required to demonstrate English language ability at least at an operational level.  We accept the following language examinations:
     Minimum score acceptable for admission by Adventure Aviation Inc.
    Test Of English as Foreign Language computer-based exam (TOEFL)53
    International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic5
    Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) (CELPIP)7

    All students, once enrolled, will be required to pass an Aviation Language Proficiency Demonstration.  For more information  CLICK HERE

  4. Mandatory Medical Insurance
    All International Students must purchase their own private health care insurance before they arrive in Canada.  For courses longer than one year, the student may be eligible to purchase Alberta Health Care Insurance.  For more information CLICK HERE Private Insurance Companies
    International Student Insurance
  5. Transportation & Housing
    Adventure Aviation Inc. provides dorm style housing for $640/Month.  If you decide not to stay in our accommodations, the following website will help you locate suitable accommodation. CLICK HERE
  6. Cost
    Total course costs are contingent on the actual time it takes for each student. For a list of minimum cost CLICK HERE
  7. Student Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process
    Students should try to resolve issues individually.  If a more formal process becomes necessary, Adventure Aviation Inc. will do its best to provide a fair and reasonable mechanism for resolution.
    • First, try to resolve the issue directly with the other party
    • If the issue cannot be resolved, put your complaint in writing (letter or email), and forward it to the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), or in his absence, the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.
    • Institution does not impose a fee for a student complaint.
    • The student can be represented by an agent or a lawyer.  The third party representative must produce a formal Power of Attorney from the student that enables them to represent the student.  If the student is a minor, a parent or guardian must take part in the dispute resolution. An agent or lawyer must be authorized by a parent or guardian.
    • The CFI, or assistant CFI if applicable, will act within 7 days to resolve fairly and reasonably all issues presented to him/her in writing, outlining reason for a decision.  In the event an issue cannot be solved through steps above, further action can be taken with the help of a third party, e.g. mediator or court.
  8. Payment
    All training may be done on a pay-as-you go basis.  Many Students place a credit card or place a deposit on their account with Adventure Aviation Inc. flight school.  Any request for a refund of monies remaining on a student’s account must be made in writing and will be refunded by the form of payment 30 days from receipt of the request.  For more information see our policy for tuition fee payment and refund CLICK HERE
  9. Moving to a new City can be a little overwhelming for many.
    The City of Grande Prairie has some services to assist you if needed and to help you adjust to your new home away from home.  Our Staff are always available to assist you as well.
    The links below will help you with social service support as well as with useful information for newcomers.